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Who we are and what we do:

Jill Churchill welcomes you to the friendliest quilting studio around. Jill believes in good quality work but work should be fun and she guarantees you will enjoy the warm yet professional atmosphere at her studio.

Jill has been sewing since she was a young girl when her mother taught her the basics on an old treadle machine. The sound of that old machine (now located at the studio) still gets her a little misty, thinking about the warm ties of family and quilting. For over 20 years Jill, her family, and her friends have been crazy about quilts. Her first quilt as an adult was a huge, room-filling Irish Chain that was strip-pieced ala Eleanor Burns but completely hand quilted. Many hundreds of quilts later she was no longer hand quilting but quilting with her domestic. This was fine but sometimes quilting a large quilt became a wrestling match because of the limited throat size on regular machines.

Then along came longarm quilting machines. She tried one at a quilt show and knew one would be in her future. But she was still not ready to buy one. A few years passed and after the youngest child joined the Army and moved out she had a spare bedroom that would house the size of the machine she desired. Now came the search for the machine that would best fill her needs. It had to be dependable, easy to operate and backed up by a great support team. About this time she began to hear about Innova longarms. They seemed to be in line with all of her requirements and she selected one as her first machine. It
was easy to set up and the customer service was outstanding. One Sunday afternoon she was having a problem and after calling Innova’s toll-free service number
she received a call-back from one of the owners of the company. As he talked her through the solution to her problem she could hear a football game in the
background, it was Super Bowl Sunday. That’s service! Jill had never harbored any doubts that she had bought the right machine and this level of customer service
reinforced her confidence.

Jill began her business by quilting for friends and family and as “word of mouth” spread through the quilting community regarding her work and her personality
she began to acquire many more customers. During the summer of 2014, with the guidance and support of Valerie Schlake, owner of the Virginia Longarm
Network, the opportunity to open a full-service quilting studio with customer longarm quilting, machine sales, training, and rental became available. This would
require renting a studio and quitting her fulltime job. Ta Da! A big step! But she did it and has never looked back. Jill is now nationally recognized for her quilting
as well as her teaching abilities.

She works everyday meeting and helping wonderful quilters and enjoying the warmth of her quilting family. She still gets misty every day as she walks by and
lays her hand on the old treadle machine sitting in the front window and thinks about the wonderful gift her mother gave her all those many years ago.
Every quilter has their own story about how they came to this wonderful hobby. Stop by and share yours with Jill, Remember she promises you will have a good

Innova, built here in the USA 
Please stop and see our new location at 5534 W. Lake RD, We have a new spacious, well lit showroom full of great quilting goodies, Watch for our Grand Opening this spring.
"Why Innova" by Duane Churchill (Mr. Ta Da)
It's been 10 years now since my wife, Jill, decided it was time to buy her first longarm quilting machine. To her credit, this was not an impulsive decision, she knew a longarm was a large investment and she didn't want to make a common mistake that she found others had done. They had bought machines that left them frustrated because they did not meet their needs or were unreliable. The machines were left unused or they had to be replaced. We wanted to buy our "last longarm first."  To be sure, she networked with longarm owners she knew, she studied online recommendations and she specifically asked owners about the dealer support they had recieved after they had made a purchase. It wasn't long before her list of possible machines was narrowed to two. Both products had good reputations, one was long established and the other was relatively new to the market. Jill asked for my advice. I had over 20 years experience in the tool and die field and knew good engineering and quality build techniques. After viewing both machines I told her the Innova was clearly the best built machine. I was really impressed. She bought her first Innova. After 10 years of constant use, first in our home and then in our Studio as a rental machine it is still going strong. In the 10 years since we purchased our first machine Innova has continuously improved their products and are still the best engineered and built longarm systems available. Coupled with excellent company and dealer support they are still the best way to assure you "buy your last Longarm first."